Why PlacePlan?

By user and device easy profiling, you can take control and plan installation of any client software, open temporarily access to selected professionals, offer tech support or training by an integrated ticketing system, collect data statistic about activities to improve business processes by learning more about your company assets and where are allocated.

Application cases

Check for unauthorized access to specific tools
Determine the number of accesses to a specific tool in a given time frame
Quantify the time during which a shared folder was opened or the duration of one or more sessions within a specific portal
Quantify the number of files opened or modified within a shared folder during a session
Quantify the time of use of a specific software tool in a given time frame or by individual users

Legal Solution

PlacePlan records only and exclusively the aggregate data consisting of the sum of individual addends, which remain strictly anonymous. PlacePlan, therefore, always carries out complete anonymisation of the personal data relating to the user or group of users who logged in, thus excluding both the application of labor law legislation in the field of remote telematic control of the employee (Statute of Workers) and the application of the legislation on the protection of personal data GDPR.




Not state-of-the-art software

Specific customized software

Business procedures still rely on Excel and Access

Solutions without interoperability built or implemented over time with non-overall goals and objectives but to solve individual needs, which are not very flexible and do not communicate with each other

Unique configurable and customizable monitoring and management solution to cover specific internal cases, bypassing the inflexibility of the most widespread generic systems on the market